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A catalog of products ranging from home to professional. All you are looking for is here.



All for Professional

It is a site dedicated to the sale at the restaurant / bar / hotel and professionals in general.


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All for your Home

All you need for your home. A catalog rich in sought-after products from the best brands on the market.



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We are also on the most famous social. like FB, YT and instagram - we love to communicate with our clients in this way.

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Global shipments around the world

Our network allows us to ship everywhere in the world also serve the most remote countries. In 2016 we shipped our orders to more than 40 different countries around the world.

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Fast Shipping everywhere

We use international top-level couriers, able to deliver our orders in 24/48 h from the start. With the option in some parts of the world to have the parcel the day after you made the order.

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Dedicated Customer Care

Customer service is our strong point. Whatever the problem faced by the customer is resolved promptly. In 2016 each ticket / email or phone call received was resolved in the first 14 hours. Resolving almost any customer's demand immediately.

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Security of personal data

Albero Group Srl guarantees maximum security of personal data in every single transaction, since all pages of our site are in HTTPS with SSL (security certificate issued by Comodo®), in order to guarantee the highest safety and reliability standards on the world market.

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